Top UK Fintech Publications

UK Fintech publications

A big part of building reputation is knowing how and where to pitch great stories to, which is why it’s so important that you find the right UK fintech publications for your business story. 

Learning about publications before you start pitching to them is a necessary first step, as it helps you find your audience, know what stories fit where, and identify how your content can contribute towards the bigger picture.

To help you narrow things down, we’ve compiled our own round-up of some of the best fintech publications, complete with insights on audience, topics, and opportunities to contribute. 

The top 10 UK Fintech publications:

There are many UK fintech publications to choose from, but here is a selection of ones that we admire and love to work with.

  1. Finextra 

Finextra is the leading independent newswire and information source for the worldwide financial technology community. 

This publication covers all significant technology news in wholesale and retail banking, the capital markets and insurance. Finextra also publishes a wide range of research articles, features, white papers, and case studies. 

Finextra’s audience includes senior business leadership, IT strategy professionals, customer experience and marketing teams, regulators, and legal and compliance experts.

Opportunities for you: Keep an eye out on the Finextra and Finextra Blog pages on Twitter for news stories you may be able to provide comment on or follow up articles. You may also want to join the Finextra Community, where members are given the opportunity to contribute blogs, create blog groups, and comment on one another’s posts.  

  1. FinTech Futures 

FinTech Futures is a great source of intelligence for the global fintech sector. They provide daily news, analysis and commentary across areas, including: FinTech, BankingTech, PayTech, RegTech, WealthTech, LendTech and InsurTech. 

Their broad readership and solid reputation make FinTech Futures the leading resource for technology buyers, sellers, developers, integrators and other specialists across the sector. 

It also incorporates the Banking Technology magazine, a print and online publication founded in London in 1983. FinTech Futures is part of Informa Connect. 

Opportunities for you: The Banking Technology magazine, published 10 times a year, is a great opportunity to submit thought leadership pieces or to advertise your business. You can see their editorial calendar for information on the topics/ themes they’ll be covering throughout the year ahead.  

Don’t forget to also follow FinTech Futures on Twitter for updates, and access a full list of their editors and media personnel here. Take a look at what each journo is writing about, so you get an idea about who to reach out to. 

  1. Sifted

Sifted is a media site for Europe’s start-ups, entrepreneurs and innovators. Backed by the Financial Times, they cover various sectors, including fintech, venture capital, sustainability, and start-up life.

Its fintech section offers the latest news and analysis on Europe’s fintech start-ups, including consumer finance, cryptocurrency, digital banks and payments, and their online community has access to all the latest insights and analysis.

Opportunities for you: Sifted offers many online community benefits, including access to reports, exclusive early-access to articles, as well as opportunities to attend briefings and intimate networking events with other industry experts. Follow them on Twitter and visit their website to see a list of editors. They have also very kindly written a post explaining how to pitch your story to Sifted

  1. The Fintech Times 

The Fintech Times is a newspaper dedicated to fintech. It explores the world of financial technology, blending first-hand insight, opinion and expertise with observational journalism to provide a balanced and comprehensive perspective of this rapidly evolving industry. 

The Fintech Times is aimed at company directors, entrepreneurs, managers, and business-minded people. It’s for everyone in finance, banking, and investment, and well as anyone in tech and anyone interested in start-ups.

Opportunities for you: The first port-of-call for The Fintech Times is their editorial calendar, which details every focus topic for the next twelve months, and there are lots of opportunities for Fintech stories, with themes including: ‘Moving Fintech Forward’ (Jan), ‘Fintech for Good’ (June), and ‘Women in Fintech (Oct). Make sure you also check out their thought leadership page, and follow them on Twitter for regular updates.

  1. FStech 

FStech (formerly Financial Sector Technology) provides news and developments within the financial technology sector as well as a directory of key IT suppliers. 

FStech holds a range of roundtables and conferences throughout the year, touching on issues such as digitisation, payments, cyber security, data compliance, regulation and Open Banking. They also host an annual award ceremony. 

Readership includes executives from across the continent, within banks, building societies, insurers, trading houses, exchanges and other financial institutions. 

Opportunities for you: To get a sense of what FStech are looking for, make sure you check out their features page. Also, follow them on Twitter, and learn more about their journalists/editors by reading details of each on their about page

  1. AltFi  

For members of the alternative finance and fintech community, AltFi provides market-leading news, opinion, insights and events, the core focus being on disruption to lending, banking and investing. This includes alternative lending, digital banks and digital wealth management. 

Opportunities for you: Altfi offer both opinion and feature pieces, so make sure you’re considering all coverage options with them, and read about their editorial team to find out who best to contact. Keep an eye on their events page for opportunities to get involved, and follow them on Twitter.

  1. Financial IT 

Financial IT is an online and print resource for fintech market analysis. It covers the latest trends and issues in transaction banking, cloud, security and compliance, data, trading systems and blockchain. 

They also run video interviews and editorial articles featuring FinTech experts, software product reviews as well as market research surveys. 

The core readership includes: senior executives and decision-makers within global wholesale banks; corporate treasurers and cash managers; money and investment managers IT vendors, market infrastructure, software and network providers; and analysts and consultants. 

Opportunities for you: For opportunities to contribute throughout 2023, check out the Financial IT editorial calendar, which highlights topics such as ‘Women in Fintech’, ‘Fintech 2.0’, as well as industry events that will bring their own set of opportunities to attend, comment, and get involved. There’s also the chance to be a part of their series of expert interviews and position yourself as a thought leader. For regular updates, follow them on Twitter, and for more information, see their 2023 media kit.

  1. FinTech Alliance 

FinTech Alliance, in partnership with the UK Government, is a multifaceted digital engagement platform that brings the global fintech ecosystem together to explore, engage and do business. 

Launched June 2019, this is a community-driven platform, where all profits made are reinvested back into the fintech sector. They provide up-to-the-minute news, industry knowledge and insights, as well as funding, mentorships, and career opportunities. 

Aimed at ambitious people, disruptive start-ups, investors, and industry leaders, FinTech Alliance offers a community where members can learn, share, and work together to succeed in the world’s fastest emerging global ecosystem.

Opportunities for you: If you want to become part of the FinTech Alliance community hub, you’ll not only gain access to the large community of UK FinTech experts, but you’ll also get your own dedicated page to inform, network, and showcase your organisation. Check out their Twitter to see their coverage and the ways in which they champion their community members.

  1. FinTech Magazine 

FinTech Magazine is a digital community working to connect the world’s largest banking and finance brands and their most senior executives with the latest digital and technological trends.

The magazine focuses on fintech news, key interviews, videos, the ‘Fintech Podcast’ series, along with an ever-expanding range of focused white papers and webinars. They encourage fintech suppliers to use the platform to showcase their products and services, share achievements, and enhance their reputation in the industry.

Opportunities for you: To provide comment, you need simply fill out a form through Fintech Magazine’s editorial page. You may also want to check out their series of interviews for opportunities to respond or contribute a fresh perspective on any current issues, and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter for regular updates.

  1. Fintech Review 

Started as a personal blog by Tristan Pelloux in 2020, Fintech Review is an independent online media which reviews everything fintech. 

It includes insights, analysis, news and interviews, from explaining basic concepts to analysing major trends across business, finance, economics and technology, as well as interviewing business leaders and entrepreneurs in the industry.

Opportunities for you: Fintech review hosts interviews, analysis, features, and guest blog posts. To contribute a guest blog post to Fintech Review, the ‘write for us’ page details guidelines, content verticals, as well as other online guest blog post opportunities. Also, don’t forget to follow them on Twitter for regular updates.

Alongside UK Fintech publications, don’t forget podcasts and other media that cover fintech, including the following: 

11:FS and their highly regarded podcast, Fintech Insider, has a global following and welcomes a variety of guests to contribute their thoughts, insights and perspectives on all things fintech, banking, technology and financial services. 

Released bi-weekly, there are plenty of opportunities to contribute and become involved in regular and timely stories in the world of Fintech. Do have a listen. 

Computer Weekly is an online technology news platform, covering the latest stories, research studies, and latest developments of today’s IT leaders. It comes with a vast digital readership and a list of 200k subscribers for its weekly digital magazine.

Whilst Computer Weekly covers all areas of IT, their areas of focus include Fintech, and so they are worth targeting. Check out their financial services IT section for an idea of the types of stories they look for. 

Further UK Fintech Resources 

If you’ve found this list of UK fintech publications useful, you may also like to check out our blog page, where you can access more helpful tips, insights and industry news to help inform your communications and PR activities. Additional resources you may like include:

We’ve also got our resources page, which includes a PR Q&A answering all your questions, as well as our list of Top SME Journalists to Follow on Twitter.

If you’re interested in getting coverage in the press and want advice on how best to pitch a story, check out our Pitch Craft media pitching training.

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