20 Ways to Amplify your Press Coverage

20 ways to amplify your press coverage

All too often, you secure some long-awaited press coverage but then fail to make the most of your success. But success breeds success, and press coverage is just the same. Indeed, the more earned press coverage you achieve – the more likely you are to get more.

Follow these #PRthatPays tips and I’ll show you how you can amplify your press coverage and sustain your PR.

  1. Say thanks – keep a record of your press coverage and always say thanks to the journalist or blogger that has taken the time to write about you
  2. Use your press coverage as a hook for your social media to build engagement.  You could also use it as a hook for a talk, workshop or even just a reason to pick up the phone to a client or prospect
  3. Ask the publisher if you can turn the press coverage into a PDF or printed direct mail piece – great for existing clients and new prospects
  4. Share it to boost its reach and impact.  Use coverage in your social media tweetables, creating your own imagery to increase engagement and drive traffic – be visual.  Don’t be afraid to share and promote your press coverage frequently. This will help you get found. Remember, journalists use Google too and your press coverage could come up in their searches when looking for someone to interview and feature
  5. Showcase your coverage in your press kit to further illustrate your credibility as a media spokesperson. You can make your press kit available as a download from your website and share on LinkedIn
  6. Ask yourself – is there still life in the story? Look to adapt, expand on and re-purpose
  7. Use it in award entries, crowdfunding or funding bids to back up your entries and secure support. People like to back a success story
  8. Use to pitch for interviews with your membership body/associations/publications that you are a member of, and seek out blogger/guest blog opportunities too
  9. Add media logos to ‘as seen in’ imagery that can be used across your social media profiles and online. You can get permission from the publisher for featuring logos/mastheads
  10. Build relationships with the journalist that has interviewed you – keep in touch so that when another opportunity presents itself, they know who to call
  11. Utilise press coverage to secure other press interviews and coverage – piggyback on the news agenda using your press coverage to help prove your suitability as an expert spokesperson
  12. Keep track of your coverage to understand its impact on your domain authority, referrals, and even new business
  13. Make sure the press coverage is shared and promoted internally – it can be great for staff morale
  14. Add a link to your press coverage in your email sign-off
  15. Use coverage topics as the basis of more detailed blog posts or social media comments/LinkedIn updates
  16. Get hard copies of press coverage and frame it for your very own coverage wall, showcase in your visitors’ book or on a company celebration wall
  17. Add coverage links to your website bearing in mind copyright rules. Having an online press room can help you secure more press coverage as it illustrates your credibility
  18. Share with clients – send them a link to relevant press coverage or even a hard copy
  19. Showcase coverage in your email newsletter
  20. Film short video pieces or short clips for your YouTube channel, building on the advice you gave in your press coverage, for example.

There you have it: 20 Ways to Amplify your Press Coverage. 

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This blog post was inspired by this handy download by Bryony Thomas of Watertight Marketing fame: One Piece of Content 20 Ways to Use it – to really help you squeeze every last drop of value out of your content.

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