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Enrol in our strategic training courses and develop the skills you need to deliver outstanding public relations with reputable results. Attend online workshops and events, receive one-to-one mentorship, and benefit from Nellie PR’s online community of PR and marketing practitioners.

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PR andCommunications

PR & comms strategy

Communications and PR for the reputation you deserve #PRthatPAYS

Content and B2BCopywriting

Media pitching training

Secure better earned results with Pitch Craft for Press Coverage™.


Mentoring & consulting

Mentoring, sounding board sessions and consultancy.


Masterclasses, lunch & learn

Online masterclasses, events, lunch and learn sessions, webinars.

“Brilliant workshop today by Ellen Carroll, I’ve worked with PRs and managed PR staff for many years, but in only three hours I learned more about the process for gaining PR than I’ve learnt in 20 years”

Kelly Ballard
Freelance Marketer | Kelly Ballard Marketing

PR that PAYS™ programme

A strategic PR training programme to help you secure more customers, sales, and recognition, and no more ROI question marks ever again.

Pitch Craft for Press Coverage

Pitch Craft for Press Coverage™

Learn the art of media pitching: how to pitch and sell your story to the media to secure high profile media coverage for you, your business, your clients, or the business you work for.

Mentoring & consulting

Mentoring and sounding board sessions in communications, PR and marketing. 

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Online masterclasses, events, lunch and learn sessions, webinars

Attend our selection of online workshops, events, webinars, and masterclasses to hone your PR skills and learn from experienced PR practitioners.

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