Research PR

We don’t do research for the sake of it, and bland ‘no news’ surveys are strictly off limits.

What we focus on is issue-based research that leads, creates thought leadership, and captures both the news agenda and your customer’s attention.

Our research-based PR services include:

  • Research strategy
  • Qualitiative and quantitative research, surveys and interviews
  • Points-of-views, messages and opinion development to fuel PR campaigns
  • Creation of research-based content for PR and marketing purposes, including white papers, opinion articles, blog posts and other hard-hitting and newsworthy content
  • Research and questionnaire design
  • Customer research and interviews to get customer feedback, generate case studies and testimonials.

Want to know more?  Take a look at some of our research-based PR campaigns, including our work with Enterprise Nation on the rise of home-based businesses.

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