PR and Marketing Services

Public relations, communication and marketing to better business. Mentoring and training to lift you up.

PR and marketing services

PR and Marketing Services

Audit and Plan:

Sort through the clutter and find the best route. I join up the dots, and quickly spot challenges and issues to stop you from limiting your business potential. Get a strategy and roadmap in place for long-term profitable growth.

The route we take depends on your particular challenge but could include one or a combination of the following PR and marketing services:

Create and Deliver:

Taking your strategy and making it happen with better and more joined-up public relations and communication, content and Watertight Marketing activity. Nellie PR provides outsourced public relations, communication and marketing consultancy – regular accountability, consultancy, advice and support via the following services, with a firm focus and unwavering commitment to achieving the best long-term business outcomes for YOU:

  • PR agency, including media relations to build authority and credibility, relationship building, crisis communication, content creation such as articles and guest blog posts, editorial content, piggybacking on topical issues and the news agenda, thought leadership and research, awards and speaker opportunities…
  • Copywriting and content, including B2B copywriting, content for blogs and social media such as LinkedIn, e-books and white papers, research-based lead generation, repurposing and amplification of content, business storytelling, case studies, interviews and email newsletters…
  • Watertight Marketing and outsourced marketing director consultancy and support…

Train and mentor: online, group and one-to-one mentoring and training for you and your team. An expert ear, a sounding board – I’m your very own strategic public relations, communications and marketing auntie – lifting you, your skills and confidence up.

Training and mentoring services include:

Book a free consult call with me and we can discuss your public relations, communication, marketing challenge(s), and how I can help.