Nellie PR’s New Marketing and Communications Intern

Professional writing student joins the Nellie PR & Communications team

When it comes to the business of communication, there’s a lot to learn, and what better way to do this than learning on the job? That’s why Nellie PR adopts an intern every couple of years. They’re keen to find emerging talent and put them to good use, showing them the ropes of creating professional communication, and unforgettable PR and marketing strategies.

As this year’s intern, I thought I’d introduce myself. Hi, I’m Tillie Holmes.

Just as interns have done before me in days gone by, I’ve joined Nellie PR to explore my skills and learn many more. As a long-term student of creative writing, I’ve always been drawn to storytelling; through interviews, articles, and short fiction – you name it, I’ve tried my hand at it. And so, in my eyes, it makes perfect sense to dive head-first into a career in PR and business communications, where I can make a living telling others’ stories.

Fulfilling what some would say is the stereotype of a creative writer, I’ve worked for several years in the hospitality industry. I’m now a qualified professional in steaming milk, fetching tap water, and remembering coffee orders.

But thankfully, that’s not what I’ll be doing at Nellie PR. I hope to be delivering blog posts, developing business copy, and learning some much-needed social media skills. With this opportunity to learn, I’ll be expanding the business writing skills I’ve discovered this year at university, where I’m currently heading into my final term of an MA in professional writing.

When I said I was a long-term student of creative writing, I wasn’t kidding.

In the last six years, I’ve completed a degree in English with creative writing, as well as correspondence courses in copy-editing and proofreading. I’ve experienced the ‘graduate wasteland’ more than once, and can tell you that it’s no easier the second or third time around.

So, I’m grateful that this time, I’ll be donning that cap and gown with some real-life experience under my belt. And paid real-life experience at that, as Nellie PR is one of the rare employers who always pay their interns.

Really, what I’m most excited for is being given the chance to challenge myself. After a lockdown-infested year of shrinking comfort zones and waiting waiting waiting, I’m thrilled (and a little nervous) to be finding my footing again and seizing opportunities wherever they appear. Over the next year or so, I look forward to pushing myself, forming connections with clients and business partners, discovering their stories, and kick-starting a career in business communications.

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