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Nellie PR’s latest Intern at the Exeter Agency

Some would describe the PR industry as a proverbial shark tank; a dog-eat-dog world of public image, persuasion and commercial competition. So why, you may ask, would I voluntarily throw myself into such a pressured and ravenous environment? Unlike many internship positions, which predominantly encompass such exciting projects as coffee making or memo filing, Nellie PR prompts its young talent to meander out of their depth and into the expansive realm of public relations. We are yet to see whether I shall sink or swim.

As a final year Psychology student at the University of Exeter, the chance to work for a company like Nellie PR was too good an opportunity to overlook. So why was I favoured above the array of hotshots that fought so hard for my position? Throughout the rigorous application process, my enthusiasm for this agency and its long term goals was a crucial factor that stood me out from the other candidates. Not to say that I would have got the position based on ambition alone.

Previous experience working as a marketing executive for a local company, where I promoted their image through social media and e-mail marketing presumably contributed somewhat. My part-time positions as a football coach and restaurant supervisor also demonstrated a versatile combination of teamwork and leadership ability – and that I’m no lazy student. Oh, and did I mention that I’m devilishly handsome? I jest. Nonetheless, Lady Luck must have been smiling fondly at me over the past few weeks, as it’s no fairy tale that paid internships in the PR world are few and far between.

So what do I hope to gain from the coming months, as I toil with Twitter and a thesaurus becomes my new best friend? Nellie PR is an engaging and attentive PR agency, which does not exclusively apply to its clients. This mutual relationship will provide both the company and I with profusely beneficial experience, in which I hope to ditch the armbands and plunge straight into the deep-end of business story making.

Posted by Luke Bristow, PR and marketing intern at Nellie PR – bossing, or should I say ‘venturing into’, the world of PR and reciting my adventures here on the Nellie PR blog.

Nellie PR is an engaging and attentive PR Agency based in Exeter in the lovely South West.

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