What frequency of social media activity works best…daily, weekly, ad hoc output etc?

In short, daily.  I would recommend that you spend time upfront getting your social media channels (perhaps choose a maximum of three) set up, up-and-running, and put a social media plan in place to guide you and try and get some great content written and prepared in advance so you have lots to share and can maintain a consistent presence.

Hootsuite has written a really useful guide on how to create a social media plan, or drop me a line and I’ll share the one we have for Nellie PR.

I would spend time listening and sharing, setting up your lists etc. before joining in spending at least 15 minutes each day.  Make your social media activity a part of your daily routine and you can also supplement this with scheduled activity that you prepare in advance.

Social media tips

  •   Focus on being FOUND rather than interrupting people with your marketing messages  
  •   Social media is exactly that – ‘social’. Avoid using it to do nothing but broadcast and advertise yourself. Nothing turns people off faster in this arena
  •   Social media is used to CONNECT with people, CONVERSE with them, SHARE their content and finally, to BROADCAST your own content. If you remember this order you will benefit greatly from this sort of marketing
  •   Content produced must be of value to your customers – it must INFORM, EDUCATE or ENTERTAIN.

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