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Illustrations for PR

I absolutely love illustration but find myself visually inept – I’m more of a words person. But that doesn’t stop me looking on longingly and with more than a hint of a green eye when it comes to other businesses and their pretty pictures.  And don’t get me started on people that draw amazing visual notes at events, putting my own boring notes to absolute shame – how dare they 🙂

But not to worry, as there are so many absolutely fantastic illustrators’ to call upon to help you visually communicate your business story or bring to life your content, your message, or a live event.  With so much PR and social media noise, using illustrations rather than the same old stock photos can also really help you to stand out and achieve PR that Pays.  This is especially true if you work in an industry that isn’t usually visually stimulating because why the hell not – some amazing illustration could really lift your PR and marketing.

Illustrators’ like Corrina Rothwell, whose work I’ve used for our own visual storytelling, blog posts and even client gifts; creative director Lizzie Everard, whose strapline ‘ideas made beautiful’ sums up exactly what she does; and Niki Groom of Miss Magpie Fashion Spy fame.  

Talking of Niki, she’s written this great blog post on how to run a live illustration event.  Written for PRs and brands, it’s full of useful tips on how to run a fantastic live illustration event such as the importance of having a hashtag agreed in advance, how to find an illustrator and how much they charge.

Go on give it a read at how to run a live illustration event and please share with me any great examples of illustration and live illustration you’ve seen or experienced as I’m creating a Pinterest board to showcase great illustrators and case studies.

Nellie PR Credits

Images used in order of appearance:

 © Miss Magpie Fashion Spy: illustrations of the Middlesex Cricket Team for Chestertons

 © Corrina Rothwell

 © Miss Magpie Fashion Spy: Niki Groom illustrating live for La Martina.  Photo by Alex Treadway.

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