How do you turn PR coverage into donations?

We get lots of favourable press, and occasional TV coverage, but we find it difficult to turn that exposure into charity donations.  Is there a magic bullet we are missing?

I wouldn’t call it a magic bullet but perhaps you are missing your target i.e. if your aim is donations – you need your PR and marketing to be focused on that objective and ensure that all your calls to action lead back to that – to donate.  All your PR activity should support you in achieving your objective.  Do you plan fundraising drives throughout the year?  Get your PR and marketing to support these drives.

Perhaps people want to donate but don’t know how or that you actually need donations – keep it simple, make it easy and ensure that your fundraising message gets out in all communications, including TV interviews and all press coverage.    

Look at your website – is there a highly visible donate now button on your website?  Does your donation process work? Going from previous experience, many charities make it almost impossible to donate as there is not clear call to action, and when you do try and donate, the process is so longwinded that you can be forgiven if you give up.

You should also look into the donation process in terms of how and when people donate.  Often you’ll need to build awareness and trust first?  Use the coverage you’ve already achieved to build this trust and credibility.  Why not try and grow your email list and social media following so that you have a good and engaged audience base in which to put your call out for donations.

Focus on correcting your leaks and then you can start your PR and marketing with a clearer focus in which the bullet does hit the objective.

Here’s an interesting article that might be of use: 10 ways to increase donations through your website and some examples from the Just Giving blog of eight charity campaigns that maximised donations and widened reach.  

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