How do you get people excited about something they cannot see on social media?

Why can’t they see it on social media?  Social media isn’t the be-all and end-all, but perhaps you are too close to your business or product to see that it could be seen on social media.  Take a look at my answer to the question How do you market the invisible? and focus more on issues, challenges, and problems that you can solve.

Social media isn’t a broadcast tool – it is all about engagement – and even the most boring business (and seemingly most investable of businesses) will be of interest and relevant to the right audience.

To start with, perhaps concentrate on one (maximum of three) social media channels and work on making them successful.  Don’t underestimate the power of great images or videos to get people interested. Here are some tips on free images you can use for content marketing and social media.

Finally, think of your social media as another shop window – if you are not there, people will just go elsewhere.  

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Photo Credit: Unsplash, Oliur Rahman

Ellen Carroll

Ellen Carroll is a strategic PR and communication consultant. I provide PR training, mentoring and consultancy to help people and businesses to step out of the shadows with #PRthatPAYS

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