What's your story?

What’s your Story is a dedicated one-to-one business storytelling public relations and communication session to help you better understand and communicate your founder and/or business story.

What’s your Story? Business Storytelling

The outcome is an audit and follow-up report bursting with ideas and recommendations for you to action.


What’s your Story is for you, if:

  • You’re a business owner or business leader that is finding it hard to communicate your business story  
  • You’re an in-house PR and comms professional or marketer looking for expert PR advice and guidance to get on the right track
  • Agency or freelance – struggling with ideas for a particular client, or campaign and need an outside perspective or fresh insight.


  • You want to take action now but you aren’t sure where to start or to focus
  • You want access to expert public relations and communications expertise without bringing in extra staff or expensive external resource
  • You’re not at the stage where you want or are able to, bring in a PR agency or consultant and would prefer to do your own PR in-house
  • You want to stop wasting time and money.


What’s your Story is delivered online via email and video calls (or in person, if you prefer), with the final report sent to you in PDF format with a follow-up call.

  • Free call to discover your challenge and whether What’s your Story is right for you
  • Questionnaire so I can audit where you are right now and find out more about you, and what your challenge is
  • One-to-one call or video session to understand your business, your aims, and what PR success would look like for you
  • Desk research and idea generation 
  • List of ideas sent to you after your session in the form of a What’s your Story Audit and Report
  • Follow-up call to run through all the recommendations.

What does the What’s your Story Audit and Report include?

What’s your Story is tailored to your specific needs but the end Audit and Report should typically cover:

  • Overview and objective – confirmation of your key objective
  • Audience – a breakdown of your key audience(s)
  • Influencers – a breakdown of your target influencers, including key press
  • Ideas and recommendations – outline of recommended tactical activity focused on ONE of the following Earned, Owned, Shared and Paid PR activity:
  • Earned media– recommendations on press and media contacts to build relationships and editorial opportunities, story angles and ideas
  • Owned– recommendations for your website, blog and owned content, including your press room, blog calendar, and blog content
  • Shared – recommendations for your shared social media activity, including how to use social media for PR
  • Paid – recommendations for paid PR activity and tactics
  • Recommendations and a list of priorities – so you know where to focus
  • Links to free resources, training, and downloads for you to access in your own time.

The Cost?

The cost of What’s your Story, Audit and Report is £1,500 + VAT.

How can I book? To find out more, please book your free initial call with me so we can find out whether What’s your Story is right for you. During the call, we can agree on a time and date for the initial in-depth one-to-one session.

The final What’s your Story Audit and Report is typically delivered within a four-week period.

Contact Nellie PR for more information, and for a free, no-strings consultation, book a call with me. Photo credit: S O C I A L . C U T

“We had an introductory fact finding session after which Ellen produced the ‘What’s my story’ report. This has been extremely helpful and has been gone over in detail by my team and myself. As a result, a number of immediate actions were taken and the feedback from Ellen was very helpful in allowing us to consider the key messages that we were trying to convey.

“The work Ellen has done with me and Ultramed has been extremely helpful for us in bring PR to the forefront of our thinking rather than just our marketing. I would highly recommend working with her as a way to bring focus and energy.”

Dr Paul Upton
CEO & Founder | Ultramed

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