Media Relations

You can never underestimate the importance of good relationships, and relationship-building is at the heart of what we do. 

We have built up great contacts over many years and always take a targeted approach to media relations: research, understand and build relationships with the media, bloggers and other key influencers.  That way, they get a much better story and you get the results.  

Always curious, we keep on top of the news agenda and deliver strong customer (personal) service to each and every one of our contacts.  This means, we hit deadlines, respond promptly, and help you build long-term relationships.  

Nellie PR’s media relations and relationship-building services include:

  • Media relations to secure online, print and broadcast coverage.  Recent coverage secured for our clients includes The BBC, Guardian and Telegraph
  • Blogger relations and influencer relations
  • Press releases
  • Feature-tracking, developing feature ideas and articles
  • Product placement
  • Press office and online newsrooms
  • Media partnerships
  • Photography, video and content creation
  • Story placement such as bylined articles, forward feature tracking and pitching of spokespeople for interviews,
  • Monitoring the media and news agenda, piggybacking on issues
  • Events, including press briefings, press trips and roundtables
  • Messaging workshops and media audits to identify key media and influencers.

If you would like to learn how to pitch to the media to secure high-level press coverage, try our Pitch Craft training. 

“Nellie PR doesn’t bombard the media with press releases. Instead, it takes a targeted and issue-based approach that can turn even the most complex information and statistics into engaging and interesting news that delivers real value and exposure.”

Peter Brooker

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