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Here’s a list of PR and marketing tools that we genuinely find really useful. Keep coming back, as we’ll regularly update this page and if you have any recommendations, please contact us.

Useful PR & Marketing Tools


Top 50 UK blogs as listed by Vuelio.

Business Diary Dates

The Office for National Statistics provides regular reports on UK business stats, figures, and more. You can search specific areas, such as ‘manufacturing and production’ or ‘retail’, and they announce their publication dates well in advance, meaning you can plan your PR strategy accordingly.

Photography and Photo Editing

Canva offers a great free platform for photo editing. We use the site to create our blog imagery as it offers a great quick and easy way to edit photos and imagery without a large price tag! Yet often we need more complex tools that Canva does not offer and hence we also subscribe to Picmonkey, perhaps consider trying Picmonkey’s free trial if you find yourself needing more tools.

Finding great imagery online can often be complicated by copyright. Have a look at our top 10 sources for free images online here.

Recording/Editing Video 

Ecamm allows you to video Skype calls on Macbooks. By doing this you can create podcast or video content or just record your calls so that you can catch up with the information at a later date.

We use iMovie to edit our videos as it provides nearly every tool you would need for basic video editing and (as long as you already have a Macbook) is free to use.


Knowing what searches are trending on Google, Twitter, YouTube etc. can be a great way of matching your content to current trends and keeping on top of SEO. This blog from Lifewire is a useful starting point.

Media Alerts and Hashtags

We follow Media Updates on Twitter to keep on top of media moves and publication changes.

We like to keep on top of these hashtags:

ResponseSource provides a service to keep you up to date on contacts and journalist enquirys, perhaps consider trying their free trial.

Media Information and Media Databases

Have a look at @nelliepr lists on Twitter for our top journalists to follow.

Other sources of Journalists and Media contacts that we use are:

These sources are also good but unfortunately you will have to pay to access their databases:


The economist style guide is now free online! The guide is a great way to ensure your grammar and punctuation are always perfect.

Grammarly will correct your grammatical mistakes whenever you are using your internet browser. Download the add-on from the Chrome Store, or equivalent, and you are ready to go!

PR Stack 

PR Stack provides a great extensive list of tools other PR professionals and companies use. You can download their free e-books for step by step guidance on how to use the different tools for specific goals. The tools featured on PR stack that we most commonly use and love include:

Contact Nellie PR for more information, and for a free, no-strings consultation, book a call with me.

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