PR Media Diary for UK Manufacturers 2018 #ukmfgprdiary

Update: You can now access The UKMFG PR Diary for UK Manufacturers 2023 here.

2018 is the Year of Engineering, this week is National Apprenticeship Week and today… today is the day I’ve published my Ultimate PR Diary for UK Manufacturers full of all the dates you need to know to raise your profile. 

But why?  Manufacturing is a passion of mine – it’s in my blood.  After emigrating from Ireland, my dad worked at Stanton Iron Works and my mum worked at the local sock factory and was also a skilled seamstress.  My sisters have all worked in manufacturing too – from a bra examiner at Charnos to a part-time pencil maker. Me? I blog about well-made womenswear over at Well Fashioned and as student I worked in a chocolate factory or two.

Manufacturers often struggle with their PR

Today, I love working with UK makers and manufacturers – providing PR consultancy, PR training and advice.  Very often the people that are great at making things aren’t that great at telling their story and often miss out on PR opportunities to help raise use their profile and build their reputation.  I’m on a mission to change this.

Please note: The UKMFG PR Diary for UK Manufacturers 2022 is now available on our resource page, with all the key PR dates for 2022 in one place.

By being more planned and strategic in your PR means that you can help position yourself as the expert in your field, be known and build relationships with the right people, use your higher profile to help secure funding and generate new business opportunities.  It can help you attract the right talent to your business and shine a light on you and your business to win new customers and retain loyal customers.The Ultimate PR Diary for UK Manufacturers


The PR Diary is focused on the key industry announcements, research and survey dates (with a few national events thrown in) that the media tend to use to help inform their editorial calendars, plan news and feature items.  To bring these stories to life they need real-life businesses to talk to and are always looking to interview businesses as part of their coverage of issues such as the budget, election, Brexit, manufacturing output figures, labour market figures and trade statistics, GDP estimates, retail sales figures, government consultations – the list is endless.  

Don’t miss out on the key dates to secure press coverage

How to use it to secure PR:

  • Prepare your story in advance so you can provide timely comment to the media  such as your predictions, expectations and even your hopes ahead of big announcements
  • Provide commentary following the publication of trends or figures
  • Piggyback on survey results to position your business in a positive light
  • Pitch to the media to secure press coverage or an interview.  For example, put yourself forward as a case study to be interviewed during or ahead of a big release such as the latest UKMFG statistics or big initiatives such as National Apprenticeship Week  
  • Help you plan your social media – join in conversations, celebrate and champion initiatives  
  • Events and visits – plan you own and/or take part in events to raise the profile of UKMFG and attract young people into the industry.  You can even secure speaking opportunities to tell your story
  • Awards – boost your credibility and chances of being nominated and winning awards with a stronger profile
  • Secure guest blog posts and opinion articles on the back of issues raised and changes taking place in your industry
  • Plan your blog posts and content marketing in advance such as behind the scenes videos of your skilled staff in action
  • Email newsletters – themes to focus on for your customers and decision makers  
  • Marketing such as timely direct mail – send your customers a thank you for buying from you on Buy British Day, for example
  • Add to it – think of all the other issues and key dates coming up such as changing legislation and focus on the issues that you are passionate about – where you want your voice to be heard.

PR Tips

  • Use it #ukmfgprdiary as your guide to greater PR success – helping you secure recognition, attract better business, build long-term relationships, and protect your most important asset – your reputation
  • Set up relevant Google alerts so you can get a feel for what UK manufacturing stories get covered
  • Check out #journorequest on Twitter to see if any journalists are calling out to you for comment.  Please note that #journorequest isn’t what it once was but you’ll still find some great opportunities on there
  • Build up your relationships with your key media, including the local press, national media, online, trade media, associations and membership bodies, influencers, decision makers and customers – be known for all the right reasons, be helpful and support UKMFG
  • Want advice on how to pitch to the media, get your timings rights and become a great spokesperson – get in-touch and work with me.

Before you go

The UKMFG PR Diary for UK Manufacturers 2022 is now available on our resource page, with all the 2022 dates in one place.

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