Magazine and online SME Journalists to follow on Twitter

Here is a list of the top SME journalists from online publications and magazines to follow on Twitter. Browse the names below and to easily follow the journalists listed have a look at our list on Twitter.

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The Economist 

The Economist have a dedicated online section to small businesses, offering up to date SME news and tips, from upscaling to crowdfunding for innovative ideas.

Andrew Palmer: Business affairs editor  @palmerandrew

  • Andrew Palmer oversees the coverage of business, finance and science at the Economist. Palmer is also the author of ‘Smart Money’ which argues that we need the finance industry now more than ever.

Management Today 

Management today provide a range of ‘streams’ that are great for SMEs, including Entrepreneurs, Leadership Lessons, Future Business and Your Career. Each stream offers a wide range of articles and are normally updated a few times a week.

Adam Gale: Editor @AdamPWGale

  • Although Adam occasionally covers tech his main focus is interviewing CEO’s, management ‘gurus’, academics and entrepreneurs about their top tips and experiences.

Enterprise Nation 

Enterprise nation not only produce great SME content they also hold StartUp, a show held in London, Bristol and Birmingham offering talks and networking opportunities for anyone having just started or looking to start up a business. They also offer one-day courses around the UK throughout the year to help new start-ups, click here to see events happening near you.

Emma Jones MBE: Founder of Small Business Network @emmaljones

  • As founder of the small business network at Enterprise Nation, Emma Jones is an expert in SME journalism and news. Jones’ twitter feed offers a great insight into top SME news and her own opinion on what is happening within British business’.

Dan Martin: Head of content @Dan_Martin

  • Dan Martin has interviewed hundred of entrepreneurs, from leading CEOs to small startups. His content helps SMEs understand how overarching trends in economic and finance particularly affect their business’ and how to handle this.

Business Advice

Business Advice provide a section on ‘Business development’. Articles in this section range from how to increase efficiency in small businesses, how to use Instagram stories in small businesses to how to sell your business.

Hunter Ruthven: Editor @hunterruthven

  • As editor of Real Business and Business Advice he is a leader in SME journalism. Alongside this work he helps host the Growing Business Awards, First Women Awards and Future 50 initiative.

Start-up Donut 

Start-up Donut provide advice for startups and SMEs. From start-up business ideas to sales and marketing, their articles are a step-by-step guide, accessible to all, on how to succeed as a SME. A great resource for anyone looking to go into an industry or just looking for extra advice. The Start-up Donut Blog is also a great resource for up to date and relevant articles.

Liz Dawe: Blogs editor for all 5 Donuts (Startup, Law, Marketing, Tech and Tax) @AtomLiz

  • Liz Dawe manages all 5 Donut blogs, which provide expert advice and up to date small business news coverage.

Business Matters

Business matters is the leading SME business magazine in the UK. The magazine and website deal with a wide range of SME related problems, news and tips from health and wellbeing to gadgets and software. @bizmattersmag

Rebecca Jones: Online editor @R_mjones

  • As online editor for Business Matters Rebecca Jones tweets relevant SME content. Jones also edits Travelling for Business and has just been named one of the top 250 most influential business journalists by Richtopia.

Business Zone

Business Zone has been a great tool for providing practical advice for growing businesses. Unfortunately SIFT has decided that it will no longer run two small business titles, consequently, Business Zone will close its doors and merge with UK Business Forums, read more about this decision here.

As a result deputy editor, Francois Badenhorst (@FranBerBad), has taken on a new role as business editor for  and managing editor, Chris Goodfellow (@CPGoodfellow), has entered the world of freelance.


Forbes, like many other publications, dedicates a section within their business news to small businesses, you can even subscribe to a ‘Forbes Entrepreneur and Small Business Newsletter’. What is unique to Forbes is that they do not just focus on business news but instead there is also a range of different articles providing great tips, from answering if you are mentally prepared to become an entrepreneur to helping you correct copywriting mistakes

Amy Feldman: Business contributor @amyfeldman

  • Amy Feldman specialises in writing for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Although she is based in New York, her tips, case studies and news are relevant to us over in the UK as well.

Loren Feldman: Senior Editor @lfeldman

  • Loren Feldman writes about entrepreneurship ‘especially the struggle in the trenches’. Loren Feldman is also based in New York but his content is perfect for any small business owner all over the world.

Susan Adams: Business contributor @susanadamsnyc

  • Susan Adams is yet another great journalist to follow if you are an entrepreneur or a small business. Her work normally focuses on case studies of SMEs and what specifically has driven them to success.

Philip Salter: Business contributor and director of The Entrepreneurs Network @Philip_Salter

  • Philip Salter interviews leading entrepreneurs and writes about public policy. He also runs the Entrepreneurs Network, ‘a think tank designed to bring entrepreneurs to the forefront of political discourse and help make Britain the best place in the world to start and grow a business’.

Real Business

Real Business has championed UK enterprise for more than 19 years and has become the most-read SME website decided to high-growth businesses and entrepreneurs. Reporting on the daily news as well as offering a variety of business guides it is a great source for SME tips and news. Real Business also publishes Business Advice.

Hunter Ruthven: Editor @hunterruthven

  • As editor of Real Business and Business Advice he is a leader in SME journalism. Alongside this work, he helps host the Growing Business Awards, First Women Awards and Future 50 initiative.

Zen Terrelonge: Deputy Editor @ZenTerrelonge

  • Zen Terrelonge is not only the deputy editor of Real Business, he also runs ‘Zentertainment Weekly’ writing about movies, TV and events as well as his new blog ‘DADult Life’ sharing his experiences as a first-time parent.

Shane Schutte: Senior Reporter @ShaneSchutte

  • Largely focusing on IT, Law, HR, sales and marketing within her work for Real Business, Shane Schutte writes and tweets on a wide variety of SME news. 

Business Voice 

As CBI’s  business magazine, Business Voice covers UK business news whilst also profiling important UK businesses. Business Voice also runs a podcast in which they uncover stories from some of the world’s leading businesses.

Pip Brooking: Editor & Content development manager @PipBrooking

  • During her career, Pip Brooking has interviewed the likes of the FTSE Chairman and CEOs of some of the worlds biggest brands. She has recently returned to Business Voice from maternity leave.


As part of the Institute of Directors (IoD), Director delivers news from the UK and global enterprise culture, from start-ups to famous business leaders. Unfortnately many of our favourite contributors do not keep their twitter up to date.

Ryan Herman: Contributor @ryanherman15

  • Ryan Herman often writes about sport for publications such as Vice Sports and BT Sport. However, for Director Herman usually creates great SME and entrepreneurship content. Worth a follow for great business news and the odd football score.

Elite Business 

Elite Business is another great way to keep up to date on SME news. What is particularly great about this publication is their unique angle on all things enterprise.

Josh Russell: Editor @JoshLRussell

  • As editor of Elite Busines and Elite Franchise, Russell manages the team of journalists and edits the contributions of brands and high-profile entrepreneurs

Hannah Prevett: Contributer @hannahprevett

  • Despite having taken up the role of Commerical Business Editor at News UK in 2015, Prevett continues to write great content on tech, small businesses and start-ups. She was the launch editor at Elite Business, in charge of growing the editorial team. is a great tool for anyone looking to start or grow a business. The content focuses on issues from initial inspirations to options surrounding franchising. The publication also runs events such as the Startups AwardsStartups 100 and Young Guns.

Megan Dunsby: Features and News Editor @meganstartups

  • Working on alongside their other publications and, Dunsby creates and edits content including conducting interviews with business leaders such as Sir Richard Branson.

Fresh Business Thinking

Fresh Business Thinking is an online resource for business owners aiming to provide information and advice on how to run businesses more effectively and efficiently.

Jonathon Davies: Editor @JonathanCDavies

Jonathon Davies manages Fresh Business Thinking as well as being involved in a number of other projects including a judge at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and a contributor to The Great British Entrepreneur Handbook 2016, whilst also being Head of Content at Amplified Business Content.

Your Ready Business

Your Ready Business offers a platform for an open exchange of ideas and opinions and also provides contributions from business experts on the latest best practice models, advice and talk on the role of technology in business.

Tristan Rice: Contributor @SITristan

Despite having a background in working for high profile companies and negotiating high value, Tristan Rice’s recent articles for Your Ready Business have targeted common SME problems in running and promoting your business.

Ben Towers: Contributor @TowersBen

19 year old Ben Towers contributes great SME articles for Your Ready Business. Having started his business at the age of 11 he has since carried out a multi-million pound merger, sharing the lessons he learnt from these experiences in his articles.

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