Red Nose Day PR Style in Nottingham

Having spent the whole of Friday in the office dressed in my favourite super-cosy PJs, I’m sat here reflecting, why can’t I come to work dressed like this every day?  It made my time in the office a hell of a lot more comfortable and would cut out the old “what should I wear today?’ dilemma” if it became my usual practice. If only!

I’m pretty sure Nellie PR’s clients wouldn’t be too impressed with the new ‘professional image’ of the team responsible for their reputations, so I guess it’s a non-starter, but, hey, a guy can dream, especially when he’s all snug inside his dressing gown and slippers.

Ah yes, time to explain why the heck am I sat at my desk wearing PJs at work?  It’s Red Nose Day of course!  Nellie PR has recently moved into a funky new office in the same building as six other small businesses who all have one thing in common – they are all great fun.

So when Comic Relief 2009 rolled around of course everyone wanted to get together to do something silly to raise some cash.  Some dressed up as super-heroes, some came in dressed as cows (don’t ask!), others wore Red Nose T-shirts, but I decided PJs were the way to go.  Thank God the sun decided to show its face right when we went outside for a group piccie so we didn’t all freeze to death! Now I just need to try to get home without feeling too self-conscious from all stares from passers-by! “Haven’t you people seen a man on a bus in his dressing gown before?”

Ellen Carroll

Ellen Carroll is a strategic PR and communication consultant. I provide PR training, mentoring and consultancy to help people and businesses to step out of the shadows with #PRthatPAYS

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