Headline results:

  • Successfully hosted the UK’s first ever social media mash up event
  • Mash-up website received 2,000 hits during the event, 75% of which were new visitors to the infogroup/UK website
  • 2,280 tweets containing the #tfma were posted
  • Post event Infrogroup/UK’s twitter following was up by 20%

We are really excited by the interest that was created by the mash-up – and we are keen to build on the new relationships it helped to initiate.

Andy Taylor

Head of Marketing and sales | Infogroup/UK

The challenge:

  • Info/UK had rebranded to become Infogroup/UK and needed to raise awareness of its new name and its expanded capabilities
  • The company wanted to showcase its expertise in integrating email marketing campaigns with social media, blogs and the whole digital marketing armoury

I’ve had a lot of Twitter response from people commenting on how interesting the #tfma twitter feed was to follow, as well as colleagues who didn’t attend the show but loved following the give-aways. It’s a very exciting concept and one that I’m sure will help TFM&A go from strength to strength.

Lydia Simpson

Marketing Assistant | TFM&A

What we did:

  • Infogroup/UK teamed up with Technology For Marketing & Advertising (TFM&A) exhibition – the UK’s biggest integrated marketing event – to host the UK’s first-ever social media mash-up.
  • Created a real time twitter feed pulling in all tweets containing the #tfma, bringing the latest news to online audiences and spreading the vibe of the event
  • Integrated with Infogroup/UK’s Flickr and YouTube accounts to display photos and videos taken during the event
  • Interviews with leading thinkers in the digital and B2B marketing arena
  • Set up of a social media mash-up lounge where people talking about the event could meet up and network face to face.
  • Competition prizes made available for both participants physically at the event and those who attended virally
  • Implementation of a targeted email marketing campaign, with emails sent before and during the show to get as maximum engagement.


  • Mash-Up website received more than 2,000 hits during the event, of those hits 75% were from new visitors, with the average visit lasting an impressive 17 minutes
  • 2,280 tweets containing #tfma were posted during the event
  • Email sent prior to the event achieved a unique open rate of 11.85% and the email sent during the event scored 13.99%
  • Increased Infogroup/UK with its Twitter following by 20%

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The credits:

Client: Infogroup

Agency: Nellie PR

Campaign: Mash-Up event with TFM&A 

Timeline: TFM&A 2012

Services: Public relations, media relations, newsworthy content, online PR, social media

Video: Interview with Rick Segal, TFM&A. Views are near to 6,000.