Why Use a Copywriter?

You know how to write, your grammar’s pretty good and you know everything there is to know about your own business.  So why on earth would you pay a copywriter to do something you could easily do yourself?


Lots and lots of reasons.  A copywriter can write about the same subject for a whole range of different audiences.  They can tailor your communications so they appeal to exactly the right people in exactly the right way.  Businesses, teenagers, customers, friends… you wouldn’t have the same conversation with them about the same things, and this should be reflected in the way you write for them.


A good copywriter will also take the time to understand your brand, and make sure your values are clear in all your communications.  Whatever your approach, quirky and creative or professional and inspiring, they’ll bring your brand’s personality to life on the page.


Writing is writing, surely?  Well, no it isn’t.  Writing this blog is different to writing an academic article.  Writing for the web requires different skills to writing a strapline.  Writing an advert… you get the picture.  And a copywriter will be able to do all these things, whether you’re looking for a 2,000 word article or a five-word headline.


If you still need convincing, think about this.  It’s never easy to write about yourself.  And this goes for your business too.  When you’re so close to your company, or your project, it can be difficult to explain it in layman’s terms.  A copywriter will strip back all the jargon and start from scratch, making sure your audience gets a clear, uncomplicated view.


So if you’ve always thought that copywriting wasn’t for you, think again. It’s for everybody…

Ellen Carroll

Ellen Carroll is a strategic PR and communication consultant. I provide PR training, mentoring and consultancy to help people and businesses to step out of the shadows with #PRthatPAYS

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