PR Testimonial AreaFour Recording Industries

ALAN CARTER-DAVIES, CULTURE MANAGER, AREAFOUR RECORDING INDUSTRIES:“Ellen (from Nellie PR) joined this project late but her enthusiasm and expertise has totally revitalised how we feel about what we are doing. Ellen’s gentle guidance has helped us map a plan for the future direction of the project. She is a major asset to the team.”


The Partnership Council is a forward thinking community action group that was founded in 1998. The group is involved in and delivers a wide range of community projects to improve and tackle social and environmental issues in Area Four. AreaFour Recording Industries is one such project – funded by the Partnership Council.

AreaFour Recording Industries is an independent, not-for-profit record label set up to support and promote the unjustly under-played and under-heard Nottingham music scene and to counter the negative representation of Nottingham.