National SME Journalists to follow on Twitter

Here is a list of the top SME journalists to follow on Twitter from national publications. Browse through the list below of the top journalists and follow our list on Twitter.

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The Times/ The Sunday Times

Although the Times and Santander’s SME supplements have not been published since 2015, the content is still available online here. These publications celebrated the successes of SME’s through detailed profiling of a few stand-out SME’s and their stories. The Times, however, do still publish regular articles on UK SME’s.

James Hurley: Enterprise Editor  @jameshurley

  • As the Enterprise Editor for The Times, James Hurley often writes about the financial situation looming for or currently affecting SMEs in Britain.

Andrew Lynch: Assistant Business Editor  @andrewtlynch

  • Andrew Lynch created the Startup List in November 2016, a guide which appeared in the Sunday Times detailing how to start a business in the UK.

Peter O’Dwyer: Senior Business Reporter, Ireland @peterodwyer1

  • Although Peter O’Dwyer works for the Irish edition of the Times his articles often focus on all UK SMEs and well as specific information for Irish SMEs. O’Dwyer often writes about political issues that face SMEs such as Brexit and government support.

Philip Connolly: Business Journalist, Ireland @philipeconnolly

  • Having recently moved to the Sunday Times in 2016, Business Journalist Philip Connolly’s SME articles focus on business and finance for SMEs based in Ireland.

Alistair Osbourne: Chief Business Commentator @aliosborne20

  • To access Alistair Osbourne’s articles online one must have a Times subscription, however, Osbourne also often tweets brief summaries of his work in 140 characters, providing accessible and easy news bites.

The Telegraph/ The Sunday Telegraph 

The Telegraph is particularly attentive to SMEs. The newspaper has its own SME page, as well as The Telegraph’s Business Club. The Telegraph has set up a community, Telegraph Connect, which is dedicated to helping SME professionals to grow their businesses.

Ben Wright: Business Editor @_BenWright_ ?

  • Ben was previously the City Correspondent at The Wall Street Journal and before that Editor of Financial News. In his position as Business Editor, he uses his Twitter to share important news stories and videos.

John Mulgrew: Business Correspondent, Belfast Telegraph @newsmulg

  • John Mulgrew also uses his Twitter to share lighthearted content and stories as well as the important business news from Northern Ireland and its relation to wider UK markets.

Tom Welsh: Deputy Comment Editor @TWWelsh

  • Former business writer for City AM, Tom Welsh has recently moved to The Telegraph. He focus’ on business broadly, as well as occasionally narrowing his focus towards SME news.

Hajra Rahim: Journalist at Telegraph Connect @hajrarahim

  • Hajra Rahim writes with the aim of helping directors and leaders from the largest of businesses to the smallest of start-ups understand the challenges that lay ahead for their sectors and companies.

Jack Torrance: Business Reporter @theJackTorrance

  • Former Associate Web Editor for Management Today. Whilst not all of his tweets are business related, his twitter is a mix of funny tweets to cheer up your day and useful information largely regarding start-ups and politics.

The Guardian/Observer

Like the Telegraph, the Guardian has a Small Business Network (@GdnSmallBiz). Here they publish articles aimed at SMEs, run podcasts and also run live chats where you can interact with other SMEs and experts, creating a great network of sharing knowledge and making connections. The Guardian has recently launched Guardian B2B, which produces case studies, interviews with business leaders, expertise on leadership, and videos and podcasts exploring key B2B topics.

Claire Burke: Editor of the Small Business Network @GDNclaire

  • Although Claire Burke is currently on maternity leave, she writes great SME content, from information on the Budget to balancing children and entrepreneurship. Burke’s tweets often comprise of links to interesting and relevant SME articles written by herself and her colleagues. Claire is being covered by Anne Cassidy who is also assistant editor for Guardian B2B.

Coco Khan: Commissioning Editor for Guardian B2B @cocobyname

  • Coco Khan is a journalist and the content coordinator for the Guardian’s Small Business Network and now Commissioning Editor for Guardian B2B. She also runs the Guardians podcast series regarding start-ups. Khan writes both about the financial impacts of Brexit for SME’s etc., but she also writes about more unique issues, for example her recent article on workplace wellness.

Rupert Steiner: Launch Editor @RupertSteiner

  • Rupert Steiner specialises in writing about entrepreneurs, responsible leadership, retail and consumer goods.

The Financial Times

Like the Times, the Financial Times does not dedicate a specific section or service purely for SME news. They do, however, produce numerous relevant articles on how national and international trends in finance will affect SMEs and other SME news.

Sarah Gordon: Business editor @sarahgor

  • As Business editor, Sarah Gordon does not solely write on SMEs but her recent (Feb 2017) article on how lobbyist are petitioning for a fairer system for SMEs to emerge out of the 2017 upcoming budget, is a great example of her work for SMEs.

Andy Bounds: Enterprise Editor  @AndyBounds

  • As Enterprise Editor and the North of England Correspondent, Andy Bound’s tweets often focus around business news in the North and the industries associated with these areas.

Pilita Clark: Business Columnist and Associate Editor @pilitaclark

  • Moving from her role as Environmental Correspondent, Clark will now write a weekly column on modern corporate life.

The Daily Mail/ The Mail on Sunday 

The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday both have small business sections in their publications providing a range of information from how innovative apps can help find new employees to how legislation may affect your business.

Vicki Owen @vickiowen (SME journalist of 2015) has recently decided to leave the Mail on Sunday after more than 8 years. Her replacement has not yet been announced. 

The Sun/ The Sun on Sunday 

The Sun has no specific section or service for SMEs. Some articles in their business sections, however, do produce SME content.

Zlata Rodionova: Digital Consumer Reporter @zlata07

  • Although Zlata Rodionova’s new position at the Sun is less SME orientated than her former position at The Independent, her twitter still reflects her previous work and interests and thus still worth following for business news!

The Daily Mirror/Sunday Mirror

The Daily Mirror focuses on SME-related stories such as the realities of being self-employed, or entrepreneur success stories.

Graham Hiscott: Business Editor, @Grahamhiscott

  • Instead of tweeting links to his articles, Hiscott focuses on short and snappy tweets of business information, tips and news. His twitter is perfect for up-to-date snippets of information as well as the occasional link to great business content.

The Independent

The Independent have a whole section of their website dedicated to SME news including the new collection of articles, Small Talk. @TheIndyBusiness

Josie Cox: Business Editor @JosieCox_London

  • Joining from the Wall Street Journal, Josie Cox oversees all business coverage for the Independent.

Ben Chapman: Business Reporter, The Independent @b_c_chapman

  • Ben Chapman’s recent work has largely focused on how broad political events, such as Brexit or Trump’s inauguration will affect UK businesses. Yet as a business reporter, Chapman often writes great SME content as well.

London Evening Standard 

Like the Daily Mail, the London Evening Standard has a specific SME section in their publication.

Joanna Bourke: Business reporter @ES_JoBourke

  • As a London Evening Standard business reporter. Bourke’s tweets cover business news from the little, such as how butter prices are affecting bakeries, to the large, such as the recent impacts of a hung parliament on UK business.

City A.M.

City A.M. produce great SME content despite not having a particular service or section dedicated to SMEs. Their articles are written by both Business journalists and businessmen for example Peter Alderson, MD of LDF (Business Finance Solutions), article on Why SMEs are so optimistic in the face of Brexit.

Emma Haslett: Digital editor, City A.M. @emmahaslett

  • Emma Haslett’s SME articles often focus on entrepreneurship and leadership. Her tweets are both informative and often lighthearted, sharing great SME content as well as information on broad business, political and economic trends.

Elliott Haworth: Business features writer, City A.M. @ElliottDHaworth

  • Elliott Haworth focuses on data and advertising within City A.M.’s business editors.


Rebecca Burn-Callander: Former Enterprise Editor for the Telegraph  @sparky000

  • Rebecca Burn-Callander was the main SME journalist for The Telegraph. She wrote about entrepreneurs, start-ups, fast-growth business; and SMEs and is in Gorkana’s top 100 journalists to follow on twitter, a journalist not to be missed! Recently Burn-Callander has become a freelance journalist writing for a multitude of publications as well as writing her own books.

Emma Featherstone- Former Content Coordinator for the Guardian @emfeatherstone

  • Emma Featherstone recently focused on the ‘adventures in business’ articles for the Guardian Small Business Network, she now writes for a number of publications as a freelance journalist.

David Prosser: Former business editor for the Independent @davidprosserind

  • Although David Prosser still writes for the Independent frequently he now also writes for a number of publications, often focusing on SMEs and entrepreneurship.

Mark Williams: Business writer @MarkiWill

  • In 2009 Mark Williams helped to set up Start-up Donut. Williams is also a freelance SME specialist, having recently contributed the the Guardian’s small business network.

Chris Goodfellow: Managing editor @CPGoodfellow

  • Chris Goodfellow has seven years experience as a small business journalist. He contributes to both Business Zone’s online content as well as their blog, creating relevant and interesting SME content.

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