Media Testimonials

Journalists don’t mince their words – so over to them to say what they think about us:


“Understanding the kind of content that a particular journalist needs is key to success as a PR. Many don’t get it right but Ellen is one of the PRs who does. She knows what makes a good story and just how to get the attention of us hacks! Highly recommended.”


“Ellen in an outstanding PR professional, who has a keen eye for a potential story and an excellent writing style. She can always be relied upon to produce the goods on time and to an excellent standard. This kind of reliability is clearly essential in the publishing industry.”


“Ellen at Nellie PR pitched me an article via Twitter. Her tweet was perfect in that it made direct reference to my target audience and the sort of content I cover. I replied immediately and the subsequent article was of excellent standard. My members also thought so as the article has so far generated around 1,500 reads. The author has since provided me with more highly relevant content.

“As a journalist who uses Twitter extensively it is often easier to get my attention via social media than by email. However, it is vital that PRs understand precisely what and who I write about and target their pitches appropriately. Nellie PR does this well as Ellen has taken the time to understand how I work, check the sort of content I publish and provide copy to which my members will respond.”