Infogroup/UK PR testimonial

Richard Lloyd, General Manager, Infogroup/UK
“I have found Ellen both an articulate and enthusiastic supplier to work with.  In her field she is very knowledgeable, and was always willing and able to focus these skills into the project at hand.  Ellen has also demonstrated that she is well on top of her brief as regards the latest challenges in the ‘social media’ driven world in which we now operate.”

Andy Taylor, Head of Sales and Marketing,  Infogroup/UK
“I’m really impressed with Nellie PR.  Full of ideas and very proactive, Nellie PR has surpassed our expectations and has an excellent knowledge of the marketing industry with great media contacts to match.  As a result, we now appear regularly across the marketing press and are now looking to ramp up our public relations and online PR activity with Nellie PR over the coming months.”

Carly Ferguson, Marketing Executive, Infogroup/UK
“Ellen is incredibly enthusiastic in all that she does, keeping up-to-date with all the latest news and trends she has kept us ahead of the game with regards to social media.  Always reliable, Ellen rises to a challenge and shows as much passion for our business as we do.  A pleasure to work with, I would strongly recommend her as a supplier.”

About Infogroup/UK 

Infogroup/UK is an Infogroup company, the international marketing solutions provider.

In the UK, Infogroup/UK’s information helps businesses acquire new customers, understand and build more profitable relationships with existing customers.

Data-driven, our information on more than 2.1 million UK businesses and decision-makers fuels our B2B marketing services and campaigns for large and small businesses.  These services include email marketing, mobile/SMS marketing, direct mail and telemarketing.  We also provide data cleansing, consumer and international data.

With Infogroup as our parent company, we have the benefit of 38 years of experience helping more than four million customers grow and become more profitable.  Other Infogroup subsidiaries in the UK include Infogroup/OneSource, Infogroup/Yesmail and Infogroup/ORC International.

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Infogroup (NASDAQ: IUSA) is the leading provider of data and interactive resources that enables targeted sales, effective marketing and insightful research solutions. Our information powers innovative tools and insight for businesses to efficiently reach current and future customers through multiple channels, including the world’s most dominant and powerful Internet search engines and GPS navigation systems.

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