Copywriting Case Study East Midlands Development Agency

emda News, The East Midlands Development Agency newsletter is published quarterly and Nellie PR provides all the copywriting as well as overseeing the design.   You can see here an example of the emda News newsletter.


“Nellie PR have worked with East Midlands Development Agency (emda) on the copywriting and production of our quarterly newsletter – emda News – since Spring 2008, which is distributed to over 11,500 people. They have achieved extremely good results for us. Nellie PR’s work on emda News has been very thorough and professional and achieved the required objectives.”


East Midlands Development Agency (emda) is one of nine Regional Development Agencies in England, set up in 1999 to bring a regional focus to economic development. Its primary goal is to increase the economic growth of the region while reducing disparities between the East Midlands and other English regions.

emda’s key role is to be the strategic driver of sustainable economic development. They work in partnership with public, private and voluntary organisations to deliver the goals of the Regional Economic Strategy, which emda produce on behalf of the region — which is why they are the catalyst for change in the East Midlands.

Its shared vision is that by 2020 the East Midlands will be a flourishing region. A region made up of growing and innovative businesses. A region where skilled people are employed in good quality jobs. A region where we all feel part of healthy, inclusive communities and live in thriving, attractive place.